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The real face of (your) consumerism

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We are the consumers of palm oil, each and every one of us. We're responsible for the terror that has been unleashed on the Orangutans.

Orangutans are being wiped out today, right now. We unwittingly buy packaged foods, body products, even 'vegan' alternatives, many with palm oil in them... grown by decimating rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra. Giant American, European and Asian corporations ply us with junk food, lotions, shampoo, toothpaste, drinks, ice cream, cosmetics, confectionery ... products with a hidden story.

Read an Orangutan mother's story ... and weep. Weep for her, her child, her species, the villagers and oil palm plantation staff that torture and kill them, and the rich men that run powerful American, European and Asian corporations who have unleashed this horror.

If we don't speak for Orangutans being burnt, shot and hacked to death, with infants torn away from the mothers' dead bodies to be sold off as pets...who will?

For what? A cheap, unhealthy oil that fills our food supply and daily products thanks to morally bankrupt men and women at egregious corporations with dollar signs in their eyes.

We have ALL been made complicit in an insane rampage of murder, unthinkable torture and ecological destruction ... without our knowledge or consent.

Change starts with you. Become aware of this crop. It's in the toothpaste you used this morning, and the lunch you had later. Spread knowledge. And one day the governments and corporations of the world will have to listen to the higher morals of a conscious world.

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The majestic forests are vanishing in smoke and sawdust, but there's still hope for the island's fabled biodiversity—if the palm oil rush can be slowed.

Unhealthy Oil - By Livestrong (Lance Armstrong's org)
Palm oil contains an unhealthy composition of fat. It is comprised of 52 percent saturated fat, a type of fat that contributes to heart disease. Many other oils are healthier choices than palm oil...Sunflower oil, Almond oil, Canola and extra-virgin olive oils.

The film from which these shots were taken is called Green The Film.

Here are the giant or smaller companies/products that use Palm Oil. ..products you may be using daily.

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