Earth Advocates -

Promote the need for strict Protection of existing National Parks in Indonesia

Not a day passes by in which the precious contents of Indonesia's Land or Marine based National Parks are not being abused.

Some of the worlds last known specimens of indigenous animal and plant species exist in the various "so called" Protected Nature Reserves and they are being pillaged and destroyed so rapidly that by the time serious action is taken to save one of these areas, it may be too late for many species living within, especially those which need space to survive in a natural habitat, such as the Sumatra Tiger and the Orangutan.

If one link of such a complex ecosystem is missing, others are directly or indirectly effected. The introduction of humans, their domestic or farm animals in or around these Nature Reserves inevitably affect these areas. Bacterial Infections and Viruses, and pollution introduced by outsiders to indigenous animal and plant populations, can permanently effect the natural ecosystem and also eliminate certain species permanently, even before mankind has discovered the particular usage's of those species. We plan to continue to fight for these diverse and magnificent species until they are truly protected.

Fact finding visits to various National Parks in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok are intended for this year.